Give Us Your Unique Commercial Painting Projects

At Cleveland Custom Coatings we enjoy unique commercial painting projects. Our team of commercial painters thrives on jobs requiring their creativity and experience. From determining the best paint or coating for your unique project to being able to work alongside artists to help their vision come to reality, our crew welcomes a challenge.  If you have a unique project that requires some out-of-the-box thinkers and expertise in coatings, paint and some carpentry, give Cleveland Custom Coatings a call or fill out our contact us form.

Commercial Painting Contractors for Unique Projects

From painting memorials and art installations to complex industrial painting projects, we love a challenge. If your commercial painting or coating job requires some problem-solving, Cleveland Custom Coatings has you covered!


When you choose Cleveland Custom Coatings for your exterior commercial painting job, you get a partner devoted to making your project run better. From delivering accurate bids and reducing surprises to being 100% responsive and on-time - your satisfaction with the project is our ultimate goal.

Some Contractors Take Orders. Some Have Ideas. We Do Both!

When you have an important project to pull off you need a commercial painting contractor that brings more to the table. Our crew is more than happy to take direction, implement on work orders and crush deadlines, but we also have ideas when you need them.  That's why Cleveland Custom Coatings is the painting contractor of choice for general contractors that are looking for ideas on how to implement on unique projects.

From painting tanks, equipment and machinery to working on immersive art installations our out-of-the-box thinking, experience with specialty paints / coatings and ability to take initiative, Cleveland Custom Coatings is the best choice for your unique projects.



The crews at Cleveland Custom Coatings are in high-demand with several commercial contractors. Our ability to respond quickly to their commercial painting bids, complete the project within the budget and timeline provided - all while providing the best quality in commercial painting, keeps contractors coming back to Cleveland Custom Coatings. Contact us with your bid request and we'll get back to you ASAP.