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Recent Industrial Painting Projects

With each of our industrial painting jobs it's critical we select the best coating.  This post displays recent industrial painting projects. In each case we worked with the general contractor or project manager to find a coating to meet the project specs (specifications). It's also important to keep timelines and budgets in mind - especially with recent disruptions in supply chains.  With years of experience in commercial painting we know which coatings will be the best solution for your custom coatings project. From painting tanks, equipment and machinery to cement barriers, ceilings, metal roofs and other exteriors, our commercial painters get the job done.

Industrial Painting: Paint Selection

The commercial painters at Cleveland Custom Coatings prefer the word "coating" because, to us, the word paint is used to put on color while the word "coating" is more appropriate.

Important factors we discuss when choosing a coating for any commercial painting project:

  1. Surface type: The type of surface being coated with paint will influence the type of paint that is chosen. For example, concrete surfaces may require a different type of paint than metal surfaces.
  2. Conditions: The conditions that the paint will be exposed to (such as high heat, humidity, or exposure to chemicals) will also influence the type of paint that is chosen. Paints that are designed for high-temperature environments or chemical-resistant paints may be necessary for some projects.
  3. Finish: The desired finish of the paint (such as glossy, matte, or textured) may also play a role in the selection of the paint.
  4. Durability: Industrial coating projects often require paints that are highly durable and can withstand heavy wear and tear.
  5. Color: While color may not be the most important factor, it is still important for many projects. We may need to choose colors that are highly visible or that comply with safety regulations.
  6. Cost: Finally, the cost of the paint may be a factor in the selection process. Every project requires the need to balance the cost of the paint with the performance needed for the project.

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